April 17, 2014

Love those deals

Saving money is something that everyone loves to do; you can’t deny it. People are always searching for new ways to save money here and there and looking to experience new things within their local area so we thought we would put together a review of a highly rated deal comparison website known as LoveOnlineDeals.com that is exclusively available to the UK.

About the website.

LoveOnlineDeals.com describes itself as a completely unique and free to use web based service designed specifically to enable deal hungry users (such as our self) to keep an easy track on all the great group buying daily deals on offer to them within their city or location of choice. We noticed that most deals featured on the site have on average savings between 50-90% on a whole range of activities within the health, food, leisure and fashion industries.

Navigating throughout the site as well is beyond user friendly, with a nice simple layout, straight to the point and it contains no extra added promotional hype forcing you to buy or try the deals.One more use full point that should be noted is that the website features a daily email feature, where you can sign up to your location and be sent the deals available to you on a daily basis which can be enjoyed reviewing over your morning coffee.

What we thought.

Group buying is very popular and can get users some really great deals. Compared to many of their competitors we quite like this site as it tries to stay on track without loads of extra advertising. They are obviously keen to get you to sign up but as its free to do so we don’t see any harm in getting an email a day from them. If you are looking for some good regional deals why not have a look at the website and see what you think.


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