April 23, 2014

Don’t Just Turn up The Volume

Discounted Hearing AidsIt doesn’t matter how old you are hearing problems can affect all ages and sexes. Many people don’t look for ways to correct problems either because hearing aids on the NHS can be large and difficult to use or they just don’t want people to know they have a problem so a website that was launched earlier this year by the founders of Glassesdirect is aiming promote and sell hearing aids at significantly discounted prices. Called Hearingdirect.com we’ve done a quick review of their website.

About The Website
When you first visit the Hearingdirect.com website you see they have a built in hearing checker which we thought was quite good. The checker is designed for users to see if they need hearing aids rather than sort out their prescription but is a good guide to knowing if you may have a problem. We ran through the test which took about 3 minutes and were glad to see they don’t bombard you with emails afterwards (you do need to put in your email address).

The website itself offers a wide range of makes and models as well as other hearing related products from amplified phones through hearing protection (for those people who work in noisy areas)

What We Thought
The Hearingdirect.com website is very clear and to the point. They don’t try and replace a visit to the doctors but with the significant savings they can offer it means that people can get hold of unobtrusive hearing aids at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay.

For more information please visit Hearingdirect.com